On the Street: Beijing 8.18.16

As a traveler, I am most excited to observe the small differences in daily life in each place I visit. Here is a peak into the streets and parks in this city.

Boating in the parks is ubiquitous. The boats are all whimsical or painted exciting colors.
This yogurt drink is everywhere. Buyers purchase the beverage and leave the empty glass container with the seller.


Matching mother/child clothing is popular.
Motorbike riders use protection against the elements. Here are examples of poagies to cover hands (I thought they were only for the Minnesota winter!), a drape to cover the legs, and a ‘roof’.
Card playing retirees. One of many groups at this park, the Temple of Heaven.
Of course, the cyclist in me is excited to see how bikers navigate Beijing. Bikes vary from old and loud to snazzy fixed gears and the riders are just as diverse.

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  1. Linda Woessner says:

    Excellent new photos. Love all the different modes of transportation. And love the newest cover photo. Very cool!

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  2. Laura Johnson says:

    Sarah: Keep those updates coming! You should have your own cable travel show. Loved the photos of the bikes and the mother/daughter outfit. Questions: Since China uses “characters” rather than an alphabet, how do you manage to find an address or building or even take the correct subway or bus? How do you handle paying for things? What do you do with your “stuff” – back pack, etc. when you are out and about? Miss you!!

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    1. theyearofsarahjoy says:

      Thanks Laura for reading! Many of the signs have English translation or use pinyin – a phonetic spelling using English characters. I’ll post some photos next week so you can have a visual. I couldn’t get by without these ‘hacks’! For money, it’s mostly a cash based economy. I have two ATM cards and I withdraw as needed. I’ve used a credit card only a few times. There is a lot of showing me numbers on a screen so I know how much to pay! My stuff (passport, laptop) stays at the hostel. Some hostel dorm rooms have lockers, others don’t. I pack my bag up nicely when I leave for the day and hope for the best. It’s a pretty strong honor code 🙂 Thanks for asking!


  3. Bryana says:

    Great to see you smiling in China. I love to see your pics because I didn’t take many when I was there. I look forward to following your adventure with great admiration. Cheers!

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  4. Wendy W says:

    Love the reflection photo of you!! Looking so good! And, the images of what you see are great too, love seeing the food and the bikes 🙂

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    1. theyearofsarahjoy says:

      Channeled my inner artistic self 😉 Thanks!


  5. Elizabeth says:

    Great photos! The parks are probably one of my favourite things about China!

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    1. theyearofsarahjoy says:

      Agreed! Thanks for visiting the blog Elizabeth. Are you two sharing your experiences online? Are the parks in Jinan similar?


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