The Year of Sarah Joy 7.14.17

With one final airplane ride, 11 months of exploring, learning, and adventuring in our world shifted from daily life to wonderful memories. I am a richer person because of what I experienced. My feelings of happiness, gratitude, appreciation, amazement and joy are overflowing. I have new ideas about time, values, relationships and materialism. Most important, I learned the world is full of people who are caring, kind and generous.

This blog helped me process and record my experiences as well as communicate with family, friends and strangers. I will post updates from my travels in Colombia and Cuba in the upcoming weeks. Then, like my experiences these last 11 months, this blog will transition to history.

Thank You.

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  1. Mary Larson says:

    Dear Sarah, thank you for taking all of us on your adventures with you. I am so happy for you that you experienced all you did – truly amazing. Safe travels home!

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    1. Thanks Mary for joining the adventure! I am also amazed by what I could experience. Keep enjoying the summer!


  2. Kay Nelson says:

    I have loved following your travels. Wishing you safe travels as you end your journey. Kay

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    1. Thanks Kay for sharing the journey with me. Your comments were always appreciated and enjoyed. I’m back in Golden Valley and all is well. A whole year of retirement for you! I would love to catch you in person, if you are near the U or I have a trip to Stillwater, I’ll be in touch. Enjoy this great day.


  3. Sarah says:

    Cheers to a new chapter in your life! The world is a kind and generous place!


  4. Ellen says:

    I’m enjoying the delayed postings so I can keep living vicariously through your adventures for as long as possible. The people 1SE should be called 6.5 mins of people waving! It’s so fun, and I love you cheering everyone on. There was so much to like in the videos but I enjoyed hearing my brothers voice and seeing you enjoying an almond croissant apart from me in the last one as well :).


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