On the Street: Vietnam 10.30.16

Google says I have traveled 7100 miles from Beijing to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. By my count, I have traveled this distance using 9 different types of transit (airplane, train, metro, foot, car, boat, bus, tuk tuk, moto). In each country I enjoyed learning the transit system. In Vietnam, transit within a city was mostly via foot, cab,…

On the Street: Guilin & HK 9.25.16

There is no place more fun to log steps on my FitBit than in a large, unfamiliar city. Hong Kong, with sites everywhere, feels like a Where’s Waldo book. It was never clear where to focus because there was a store, person, or site every place I looked. Here is a quick look at some of the life in the public spaces….

On the Street: Xi’an, Chengdu & Shanghai 9.1.16

Walking is my favorite way to adjust to a new city. In China, to cross the street I either find other people who are also crossing and follow their lead or I venture out on my own. Usually, I need to cross one traffic lane at a time to reach the other side of the street….

On the Street: Beijing 8.18.16

As a traveler, I am most excited to observe the small differences in daily life in each place I visit. Here is a peak into the streets and parks in this city. Boating in the parks is ubiquitous. The boats are all whimsical or painted exciting colors. This yogurt drink is everywhere. Buyers purchase the beverage…