Eating Well: Vietnam & Cambodia 10.29.16

I am not sure the cause, but the food I am eating in Cambodia is mostly western style. It is not pictured, but in Phnom Penh I could not pass up a stop at both Krispy Kreme and Domino’s Pizza. Super tasty!

Curries are common Khmer food and two well-known dishes are amok and luk lak. I have yet to try either, but I will. Surprising for me, Phnom Phen has a large ex-patriot community. The presence of foreigners combined with a complete economic re-build since the late 1970s is why, I am guessing, food options like breakfast burritos and grilled vegetable salads were easily available in the capital.

I learned that visa laws enabling long term residency for foreigners are relaxed in Cambodia. I think this fact drives food options like homemade Italian pasta, gnocchi, and pizza in Kampot cooked by an Italian; just-like-home apple/cherry/banana pies made by a Canadian married to a Cambodian; and, on two occasions, delicious Chinese style noodles and dumplings also cooked by immigrants.

While the Cambodian food is less different than food at home, I am still eating well.

In Saigon, Duke, Quyen, and Trang treated me to this amazing meal at the best restaurant in town, Nha Hong Ngon. We were served a variety of dishes from around the country. After the meal we went for yogurt drinks in the city center.
I had a great meal at a Lonely Planet recommended restaurant, Propaganda. I ate facing the street and enjoyed watching life take place.
On my last night in Saigon, I had the chance to dine again with my Carlson MBA friends. The restaurant Duke selected had a cool approach to food service. It was cafeteria style to order and then the food was made fresh. Each person had a swipe card. When we ordered, the card was swiped for billing purposes. Then, as the item was ready to eat, the server brought it to our table. The food was again traditional


I wish I had a picture because this meal was incredible (my plug for you to watch the video)! Fish roasted on a spit. Then, split and gutted and served with lime, peanuts, and green onions. We rolled our spring rolls with the fish, noodles, young banana and greens. Pia, Marina and I enjoyed the meal together.
For our second night in Can Tho, we ate hotpot. It was the most funny meal. Watch the clip to see if you can understand what made us laugh.
This was our chicken hotpot and we found the heart, the head (with eyes) and feet. No breast though. I ate delicious broth and ramen for dinner and had a lot of fun.
For my last night in Vietnam I went to the fancy hotel in Chau Doc, Victoria Hotel, for this meal. Whiskey sour, carrot juice, salmon tartare, caesar salad, and dessert with a view of the river. It was amazing and all for about $30USD.
I made friends with women who intern in Phnom Penh while we were all in Hoi An, Vietnam. They were kind enough to include me in their meals when I was in their city. It was great! Here I met up with Moira, Louise, and Sophie plus about 4 more woman for Sunday brunch. Between the food, all the English language around us, and the sense of security inside the courtyard, I felt like I was in MN.
More tasty, healthy food in Phnom Penh.
Chinese dumplings for about $2USD. So good. Moira and Sarah took me to this local place.
I met a few people in my hostel in Phnom Penh and we went out for dinner together. Sam, the man, lives in Siem Riep and I may catch him when I am in his city. This is a plant leaf stuffed with meat and a tasty lime sauce.

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  1. Linda Woessner says:

    Foods look amazing. Looks like you’re consistently fine dining. I can tell the restaurants take pride in serving a beautifully plated meal. But what happened – no brains in the chicken hot pot??;) Keep on truckin’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha. You’re right. Since leaving China there have been many more meals on white china. I am not sure why… You must be in a Halloween mood, lol, no brains 😦


  2. grandma lange says:

    ENJOY ITR ALL !!!!!


    1. Thank you thank you!


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