BeTreed Adventures in Ta Bos Village 11.22.16

Sitting in Siem Reap reading about potential next destinations on Trip Advisor, I found Be Treed Adventures. After a quick series of emails and a few phone calls with one of the owners, Sharyn, my transit to and lodging in this rural piece of Cambodian forest was confirmed.

Ben, the other owner of this destination, is a self-proclaimed Tree Hugger from the United States. Through him and his family I learned about the serious deforestation challenges in Cambodia. Here are some details:

  • In 2010, 60% of the land in Cambodia was forest but this number is quickly decreasing (Huffington Post).
  • Much of the logging is illegal with a few elite people earning the majority of the profits.
  • The illegal logging is usually focused on the rarest and most endangered species of wood, including Siamese Rosewood or Kra Nhung in Khmer (The Cambodian Daily).

I was also at Be Treed during the U.S. elections. I planned to be in a place with internet, television and many fellow citizens. Not all plans work! When I mentioned to Sharyn via email that I was hoping to follow the election returns closely, she told me her girls had been captivated and also that her husband is a U.S. citizen. Additionally, she advised purchasing a different company’s SIM card so I could get “E” speed wifi (that is as slow as it goes). For those wondering, I was in a gorgeous piece of nature with limited wifi texting with my family and patiently waiting for online news to load as I learned the outcome of the 2016 elections.

The chance to visit Be Treed was a highlight experience in Cambodia!


Sharyn found me passage in a van from Siem Reap to this gas station drop point en route to the van’s final destination. Tri, one of the staff members from the lodge, met me at the gas station. He drove this motor bike with me on the back and the sack packed full with vegetables between his legs for about 90 minutes to the lodge. The best road we traveled on was this dirt road maintained by a rubber company. The rest of the way was bog, mud, and some wood 2x4s. My big bag stayed at the gas station thanks to Sharyn and Tri’s coordination.
 I stayed in the Stilt House. The experience was how I imagine glamping to be.
The Stilt House has beautiful rosewood floors from reclaimed wood and an outdoor shower.
Lots of relaxing on my balcony.


Amelie shows off a green bean from the family’s garden. She and her sister took me on a short hike to this temple on my first afternoon at the lodge. It was fabulous to see these younger girls at ease in nature and deeply knowledgeable about their surroundings.
It was pouring rain the morning of my first full day at Be Treed. Ben took time to show us animals the family had ‘captured’ through their a nature camera. Badger is the girls’ pet ferret.
There were plenty of animals on the property, including Molly this partially domesticated gibbon monkey.
The rain cleared and in the afternoon I hiked back to the temple with Ben, local guide Tri, and three Khmer men who were also guests. In the temple, we released a python Ben caught near the family house.
Our group hiked for more than 3 hours in the forest. The size of the trees and variety of forest types was gorgeous. I loved being in this nature.
Be Treed has two zip lines each over 300 meters long that pass above tree tops and a gorge. Ben explained the cables were hung by local men who climb comfortably and skillfully up these trees without safety gear.
A zip line video captured by another guest, Phivorn. Many thanks!
We ate great meals family style in the Be Treed restaurant. Here Sharyn was sharing election news with me.
Two days passed quickly at Be Treed. Tri drove me back to the gas station where I picked up my bag and met another bus for my journey onward to Banlung.

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  1. Kay Nelson says:

    Fascinating reading your posts!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kay for your comment. I agree, it was very interesting to learn about the forrest, village life, challenges, and corruption. All things I had zero prior awareness of!


  2. Linda Woessner says:

    Love the zipline! So cool! What a great and unique experience that was.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mom! It was great exercise too in addition to incredible views.


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