The Act of Craigslisting 6.21.16

This is my definition of Craigslist: An online environment that connects me with strangers in the physical world who give me cash to move my things, resulting in mutual benefit. In short, Craigslist is fabulous.

Armed with helpful advice from T.C., an MBA graduate filling free time flipping big ticket items on “The CL,” I am ahead $800. That’s not a typo. $800! Here is what worked for me:

  • Taking quality pictures of the item. (Credit to T.C. for this tip.)
  • Giving the item time to sell. A microwave gifted to me used four years ago sold for $25. A great deal that took more than two weeks to happen. Three bar stools, after three weeks on Craigslist, caused a buying bidding war when on the same night two buyers were interested in them.
  • Keeping options open. Negotiation theory talks about your BATNA. Using this concept I told prospective buyers I would be satisfied storing the item if we could not agree on a price. By avoiding evident desperation, my prices remained higher than if I had no other option but to sell. (Credit to T.C. here too).
  • Using the Renew this Posting option. Craigslist allows a seller to move an item back to the top of the listing every 48 hours. This feature is a timesaver and ensures a broader potential buying audience.

From my CL experience, I met video gaming college guys (TV), the MaxBat founder (recliner and foot rest), a dad helping his daughter gather furniture for her first apartment (kitchen chairs), a couple excited about organization (shelves x3!), and many other buyers. The stories each person shared and the personalities expressed are only the start of the many random conversations I am looking forward to when my travels begin.

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  1. Linda Woessner says:

    Thanks for teaching me how to post, renew posts and sell on Craigslist. It’s been a productive month since you’ve been around!:)

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