To Infinity & Beyond 7.1.16

This week I moved out of the apartment I lived in for more than four years;  temporarily crashed for a few nights with a friend; moved in with my parents where I sleep in my childhood bedroom; exchanged life downtown for life in the suburbs; and, feeling both sad and excited, I biked to work for the final time this morning.

Sitting at the beach in the afternoon it hit me, I will not have a career oriented job for another 12-18 months. As I said those words to a friend, we processed my new reality at the same time. Then, we laughed loudly with a mixture of shock, surprise, and delight. No job for over a year! When will beach and patio days stop feeling like hooky and start feeling normal?

Knowing for months this would be my last week of work, I was relatively prepared for the special send-off lunch and fun all staff goodbye celebration. I was not ready for the emotion of saying goodbye to great colleagues and friends.

New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham died this week. His obituary quotes him as saying, “Money’s the cheapest thing. Liberty and freedom is the most expensive.” Bill’s savvy words remind me that, starting today, I am swapping a pay check for the freedom to travel.


Goldy’s #1 fan

Version 2
Class of 2016 Commencement
MBA Registation & Advising team with celebratory donuts on my last day
IMG_1472 (1)
My former office


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  1. SAHD says:

    Congrats on your newest adventure!!!

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  2. Jacquelyn says:

    That’s right, Sarah, you’re swapping a pay check for the freedom to travel and really live on your own terms. I much admire that in you and for you. It is a glorious place to be!

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  3. Kay Nelson says:

    So excited for you. I hope it is all you expect and sprinkled abundantly with some wonderful, pleasant, unexpected surprises! Safe travels!

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  4. Kelly Sherer says:

    How wonderful to take such a leap of faith, Sarah. Congratulations! I suspect you’ll learn more in this year ahead than you would from any day job, year of school, etc… Enjoy the journey!!

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  5. Bryana says:

    You’re my hero! Congrats! You are very brave, and you will be sprinkling the world with Sarah Joy :)!

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  6. Tarun Jain says:

    Look at you! Congratulations and all the best wishes of the world which is waiting to welcome you in their life! Good luck!

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