Year of Sarah Joy @ 1 Month 9.11.16

I left MSP August 8. One or two days later, I was making small talk with a French dorm-mate in Beijing. She asked the usual questions, “When did you get here?” and “How long is your trip?”

I replied, “Today is my second day of a year-long trip.” It was a laughable statement. That moment felt crazy, daunting, comical and exciting. I am still amazed at my reality and am enjoying the moments.

A month in, the most used items in my pack are a bandana, face mask, and power strip. The bandana is my constant companion for wiping sweat on these 90 degree days. It is socially acceptable to whip out a cloth and wipe down your face in China. It’s a totally faux feeling, but using this bandana makes me think I fit in better with the people around me. Related, I have never valued shade as much as I do in China.

The facemask is ideal for blocking light and feeling a little further away from dorm-mates, train companions, or airplane seat-mates who are never more than 4 feet from me when I sleep.

Outlets are limited and even if they were abundant, I only have one adapter. Using my power strip allows me to charge 4 electronics at once. I only have 5 items requiring charging so it is an efficient set-up.

During this Year of Sarah Joy I am using the iPhone application 1SE. Every day I record moments on my phone for projects about food, places, and people. In the app. I edit the clips and paste them into a story board. Then,  1SE stitches together each day’s clip creating a short video. This NYT article offers a great example of someone else’s 1SE montage.

I miss many people at home and have also had the opportunity to meet fabulous people this month. Here is the in-progress 1SE video of the people in my life this past month. Plus, a few photos below of the people I’ve met on the road.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support.

1SE video starting August 4 and highlighting people.
L to R: Isreali couple I joined in Xi’an for a visit to the Terracotta Warriors; English man I toured the Great Wall with; Bangladeshi friend for a visit to Tinamen Mountain in Zhangjiajie; German friend I biked with in Yangshuo; UK friend for the day trip to Xingping.
People I met who wanted a photo with me! I oblige and also ask for a photo in return.

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  1. Linda Woessner says:

    What a GREAT update.The 1Second video is phenomenal. Already watched it 5 times! How fun. How is it possible that you have already been gone 1 whole month?? Amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah! Good thing each clip is only 1 second. Agreed – can’t believe it’s been a month.


  2. Dave Woessner says:


    Time sure does fly. Can’t believe it has been a whole month. I liked the short film. Dad

    \\ The Year of Sarah Joy Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2016 2:02 AM To: Subject: [New post] Year of Sarah Joy @ 1 Month 9.11.16

    theyearofsarahjoy posted: “I left MSP August 8. One or two days later, I was making small talk with a French dorm-mate in Beijing. She asked the usual questions, “When did you get here?” and “How long is your trip?” I replied, “Today is my second day of a year-long trip.” It was a”

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    1. Thanks Dad! Agreed, the 1SE movie is a fabulous peak into the days and reminder of small details.


  3. Emily Holt says:

    Hi Sarah – I so look forward to your updates. It’s wonderful to be traveling with you, in a way! What an adventure so far….amazing.


  4. grandma lange says:




  5. Dave Woessner says:


    Martha who lives in the house next to where Kit used to live stopped when she was driving and I was walking to tell me she just loves your blog.




  6. Auntie B says:

    Hi SJ, Sent comment on how we’re loving your blog, pics & video! From Auntie B, Steve Greenberg & Keith last night. Not sure if it went through. 💜


  7. Auntie B says:

    With mom and Pam tonight at an Indian bistro and watched your one second video – how fun. Send my love, auntie B


  8. Seetha says:

    Wow.. it is more than a month since I checked in the blog… 1Sec is amazing.. didn’t knew such thing existed… would have to check that. But more exciting is your trip. It was a Joy to read blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Seetha! I agree, 1SE is really awesome. I bet your kids would make exciting subjects too. THANKS for reading and commenting. Hope the semester has started well for you.


  9. loripokela says:

    LOVE the idea of 1SE and the appreciation that I have for hearing the sounds around you after reading words and viewing images from these places! Also- love hearing your voice, even if in very small bits 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww. Thanks. For a while, in each video you heard me saying either, “perfect!” or “wave.” I’ve improved my timing. 1SE is a great app. Who knows, may you’ll use it for some of the social presence you have. Thanks for watching!


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