250 Days & So Many Friends 4.16.17


Each day I capture video footage of the people who are a part of my day. Somedays the people I record are new friends. Other days the video subjects are unknown people but we share the experience of being in the same place. Every day though, there is a story behind the video snippets.

I shared my first month of 1 Second Every Day (1SE) videos of people in an earlier post. Today’s post is a continuation of the same video starting September 11 and ending yesterday, April 15. Here is a sampling of the stories captured in the video:

  • Sept 15: A Hong Kong reunion with Margarita, my biking buddy from Yangshuo. Our day of biking remains one of my favorites from this year of travel.
  • Sept 18 & April 10, 11, 16: A reunion in Argentina with Ben and Emily, a couple from the UK who I also spent a few days with in Hanoi, Vietnam. They are Monopoly Deal professionals and first class grocery shoppers.
  • Sept 22: A lunch with Van, my tour guide for a day in Hanoi.
  • Oct 7 & Oct 28:  A reunion with Danny in Sihanoukville. We first met in Dalat when we spent a day together on an organized tour that included cricket tasting.
  • Oct 9 & Dec 18: A reunion in Mumbai, India with Heni, a friend I met in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Heni alerted me to the real impacts of the cash-crisis in India and we had an awful lot of fun drinking in two world-class cities.
  • Oct 31: Wil! He and I explored in Yangshuo, caught up for 10 minutes in person in Hanoi when our transit overlapped, and then found each other again in Battambang, Cambodia.
  • Nov 5, 6, 7: Kate! A friend from Battambang who became my bottom bunk mate when we met again at the same hostel in Siem Reap. I had the most laughs with this woman, even though the whole time we traveled together she was sick with Dengue.
  • Dec 19, 20, 21, 26: A friend I met in Mumbai, Colin, who I traveled with in Hampi and Goa. Colin connected me to the dive shop in Goa for my Discover Scuba experience.
  • March 21: A reunion with my journalism professor Rodrigo. He was one of my teachers at La Catolica de Valparaiso when I studied abroad at this Chilean university in 2008-09. We toured neighborhoods in Valparaiso, enjoyed coffee, and ate dinner too.
  • March 22, 25: A first-time experience with Air B&B was memorable because of my hosts Paula & Felipe. Their apartment overlooking the ocean was also easy to like.

I know I will return to Minnesota with more travel stories than I can share. Having a travel story only for myself, or myself and one other person, is meaningful in its own way. More meaningful though are stories I re-live by sharing them with friends and family who were not with me at the moment the video was recorded.

When I see you in a few months (because my return is fast approaching!) I welcome your comments, thoughts and questions about this visual diary and the other 1SE videos I post. Who knows, you may meet a person or two from this video someday too.


1SE video of people from September 11 – April 15.

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  1. Linda Woessner says:

    I think this was just “perfect!” From the first wave to the last, I loved it all. Thanks for the excellent share.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for watching the whole video mom. Yes, I think it’s perfect too!


  2. Ellen says:

    My favorite part of this video is hearing your encouraging voice in a lot of the segments!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hilarious and also so true. We are very good at posing for photos but it seems moving on cue for a video is still a newer skill for us all. Thanks for watching it Ellen and your comment too!


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