Eating Well: Thailand 2.13.17

Pictures of food from my first three weeks in Thailand.

The Once Again Hostel cafe in Bangkok served tasty food and eating here was a convenient option. With three stays in this hostel over more than 10 days, I ate a lot of caesar salads and egg omelettes. When I needed a snack during the day, the ubiquitous 7-11 stores sold a favorite of mine, onigiri. Dana, the friend I saw in Shanghai, introduced me to these seafood, rice, and sewed wraps.


My first days in Bangkok were filled with shopping. The food courts in the Bangkok malls were great options for lower cost, tasty meals. Over the course of a few days, I ate a vegetable soup, omelet, sushi, pad thai and drank a bubble tea.


A snack of Mango sticky rice at the Infinity Spa. This is a tasty, easy dish to prepare and I will try cooking it at home.
Justin and I ate noodle soup in a street cafe. Outside The Grand Palace, free dumplings were available to mourners. We were also served this small and tasty snack.
A meal of stir fried vegetables and spring rolls. Chang beer is a common Thai beer. We enjoyed a few Changs on our hostel rooftop in Bangkok.
Street food is ever present in Bangkok. Our favorite treat was grilled bananas which are often served with a caramel sauce. We also liked the fried bread and fried sweet potatoes.
More soup! The meatballs in this common dish are communion Thai food. They are not my favorite. This restaurant had an English menu for foreigners. Iced coffee was a great treat on a hot day.
I did not each much of the soup pictured above, so this meal was lunch #2 on the same day! I ate vegetable dumplings and fried glass noodles with chicken.
Considered one of the best pad thai restaurants in the city, Thip Samai, was located on the same block as our hostel. I ate at this restaurant with Justin, a new friend Angie from the hostel, and I picked up Thip Samai takeaway for an overnight train ride when my friends Parker and Brittany visited.
At the floating markets outside of Bangkok Justin ate pad thai and drank fresh coconut milk.
Decadent finger foods and cocktails at the Sofitel Hotel Skybar.
In the early evening in Chinatown we observed the cooking process as we waited about 10 minutes for fresh fried chicken. Many other buyers waited with us. Most of the other buyers looked like locals who had finished office jobs and stopped to pick up large orders of fried chicken takeaway for dinner.
More street food in Chinatown. We tried a grilled sausage stuffed with glass noodles and fried dumplings. Both were tasty.
As if the street food snacks in Chinatown were not enough, we also ate a meal. We sat outdoors at packed tables for this seafood meal. The grilled fish was a favorite of mine. Liberal use of lemon grass, ginger, and fresh herbs gave the dishes excellent flavor.
These photos are a sampling of food from our time on the Andaman coast at a beach called Tonsai Bay. We ate pad thai, sticky rice with mango, marinated grilled chicken, and smoothies. We also tried a common snack item, the Thai pancake or roti. For this food the dough is prepared in advance. After ordering, the chef stretches the dough, fries it on the griddle, adds a lot of butter, and then adds savory or sweet toppings. I tried a banana and egg pancake. Justin tasted a Nutella pancake.
A fruit and yogurt parfait breakfast at our hotel in Tonsai Bay. Curried soup, mango sticky rice, pizza and salad were some of our other meals.


Chicken kebabs eaten while sitting on the Railei West Beach and facing the Sea. This meal was perfect and I savored it.
A meal in the Krabi airport. My Dad will be appalled to know I paid about $4 USD for this tiny pint of Haagen Daez ice cream. It was a great decision.
On our last day together in Bangkok, Justin used Trip Adviser to find a recommended restaurant serving Thai food. We ate an excellent meal at Tealicious Bangkok. I finally tried Som Tom salad, a delicious specialty made with lime, fish sauce, green papaya, and other fresh fruit and vegetables.
Justin’s Trip Adviser search for Bangkok restaurants also found Seven Spoons. I was craving healthy, well-prepared, western food and good drinks and this restaurant met my cravings. I ate three meals here, including a visit with new friends Robert and Angie from the hostel. Dining at Seven Spoons reminded me of how much I enjoy the finer things in life too.
With Anna and James, more new friends from Once Again Hostel, I had a great Mexican meal at Cheap Charlies. This bar and restaurant is well-known and popular with westerners. When we sat at our table I was not hungry, but, after tasting the great chips and salsa, I decided to order a meal. The quesadilla with chorizo and spinach tasted great.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Good thing I’m eating lunch while I read this post — it makes me hungry for some Pad Thai! All of this food looks delicious!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That Pad Thai was all for you! (especially the additional helpings 😉


  2. justin j mclaughlin says:

    It’s so fun to revisit the meals!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed, I enjoyed pulling together the photos and thinking about the stories behind each image too!


  3. Linda Woessner says:

    You now eat sushi?? Wow, can’t wait to go for sushi with you! And the pad thai looked fabulous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was excellent pad thai!


  4. Laura Johnson says:

    Fantastic food fotos, Sarah! What has been your favorite meal so far?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Laura! I think my favorite meal would be one from India. There was a meal at a place in Rishikesh were we could pay on credit card so we ordered a ton of food. So many curries and breads – that was a highlight. In Thailand, the pad thai or the kebab on the beach were highlights. It’s not exactly our lunches packed from home, that’s for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

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