200 Days, 200 Places 2.27.17

I have traveled for just over 200 days in six countries.

It is hard to say if 200 days is a long time or a short time. Time moves differently for me as a long term traveler. I have time to watch sunsets and the occasional sunrise. I lose track of the day of the week, seasons, and months. I rarely set an alarm. There is no 24-hour turnaround for communication. The rhythm of weekday and weekend is absent from my days. Without hesitation I say yes to spending 12 or 16 hours on a bus or train. Next destinations are planed a few days in advance. Living so fully in the moment means 200 days, almost 7 months, passed quickly.

I have a hard time believing my journey is past the half way mark. Even after almost 7 months away, when friends and family pose the question, “Where are you,” I smile. I smile because I still cannot believe I am living this long-term traveler life and because I think my reality has an element of ridiculousness to it. I am amazed I can reply with names of faraway countries like Myanmar or hot weather beach locations in Thailand. It is not lost on me that this is a question I would usually respond to with statements like at home, the gym or work. For me, the tradeoffs involved with choosing a non-traditional year are still winning.

At 100 days of travel I posted a video of places I visited each day. Below is a continuation of the same video from days 101 to 151 and 152 to 200 of travel. (Wifi is slower in Yangon, Myanmar so the video is in two parts for uploading.)


I am en route to New York City for a week-long layover where I will spend time with special friends, visit with my sister and her significant other, celebrate my birthday, experience a lot of culture shock, eat familiar food, and recharge. March 8 I journey to Chile to begin exploring in South America.

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  1. Trinity Muller says:

    Great reflection on what your day to day life is like during this experience. I am glad it feels like it is going by fast, because that means it has been satisfying! Watching those videos really highlights the amazing variety of places you’ve been able to see and things you’ve been able to do.

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    1. Thanks Trinity! You’re exactly right, the variety of places I’ve visited is still unbelievable to me. I am glad to have the videos as another reminder because I have not processed it all.


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