100 Days, 100 Places 11.12.16

Via the wonders of technology, family and friends plus people I do not know are journeying with me. I appreciate your companionship on Facebook, Instagram, this blog, Face Time, email, and text message. Starting from a few days before I left home and continuing through today, here is a video of one place I visited each day. I am happy I can share this adventure.

 1SE video starting August 4 highlighting places.

100 day updates:

  • Living
    • Living is riding a moto, especially because I was scared to try this mode of transport
    • I plan less now, including arriving at hostels without a reservation and booking plane tickets less than one week in advance
    • I am better at being in the moment and no longer feel there is “something else” I need to do or “somewhere else” I need to be
  • Exploring
    • I talk with new people, walk new routes, try new foods, journey on new modes of transit and sleep in new places
    • I visited the Great Wall and Angkor Wat, two amazing feats of human engineering from great civilizations
    • I spent time in different environments including big cities, small villages, rural farming communities and jungle
  •  Learning
    • I know more about wars in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos
    • I read a lot of Lonely Planet and Rough Guide plus I enjoyed three non-travel books – ‘Thrive‘, ‘Chaos Monkeys‘ and ‘Liar’s Poker
    • I learned to tuck in a mosquito net, squat the Asian way, speak basic words in three languages, use chopsticks and I have picked up a few other skills

Every day I get to have fun and enjoy adventures big and small. I am still in awe of my nomadic, backpacking life and I have not tired of being on the road. I am looking forward to more great months of travel plus seeing visitors from home in India, Thailand and South America.


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  1. Linda Woessner says:

    Is it 100 days already? Time has flown. Absolutely love the video. Am watching it over and over. And the reflective update is great. Always look forward to the next. Keep on trucking’
    Love, Mom

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    1. Thank you, thank you! I enjoy the video as well. Remember when we first discussed this app.? Glad I am using it.


  2. Martha Harris says:

    Your video is absolutely amazing: the colorful variety of the world unfolding each day with you a witness. I love tagging along on this wonderful journey from my Golden Valley spot on the globe. Best wishes always, Martha

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    1. Many thanks Martha for the enthusiasm and support. You are absolutely one of the many people I wrote about in the post.

      I received photos of neighborhood trees these last few weeks and hear snow is coming so the GV updates make it my way too.

      So happy you enjoyed the video and I appreciate your well wishes! Be well!


  3. Phil Miller says:

    What a fantastic journey. I know many of us are enjoying coming along with you virtually.

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    1. Many thanks Phil for the support. I hear every week from people in the office, means a lot! Sending greetings back your way as well.


  4. Trinity Muller says:

    You are amazing! What an array of things you’ve seen already! I am in awe of your travel skills and your ability to connect across language barriers.

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    1. Many many thanks Trinity. You are amazing! The travel skills have increased since departing and now in India I am again learning a few basic words, this time in Hindi. Little by little…. Love your note. Thanks.


  5. Kat says:

    I think that living in the moment is the thing that everyone struggles with – I am so glad you have found your moment right now!

    I have read Thrive And Liar’s Poker. Have not read Chaos Monkeys. I am looking it up now. If you enjoyed Michael Lewis’ writing, Flash Boys and The Big Short (yes the one that became a movie) are both great.

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    1. Thanks Kat! I was channeling you when I blogged about what I read. I always enjoy your book updates w. pictures. Thanks for the tip on Flash Boys and The Big Short. I loved that movie! Both are on now my list.


  6. Bryana says:

    Love the video. Great idea. Someday I hope to be as organized and planful a traveler as you and will follow your lead in video-journaling. Yes, I consider you wisely planful even though you are purposely doing less planning :).

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    1. Hahaha – planful without planning. Thanks. That could be the best compliment. You absolutely can execute on the videos and the planning. It’s all in what matters to you at the moment. So glad we could celebrate together. Amazing memories and experiences we shared!


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